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TESTIMONIALS from our clients

Part of what makes our work so enjoyable is receiving messages from our clients. What follows here is a sampling of unedited letters we have received. We are humbled and inspired by the emotions expressed. Thank you for allowing us to do this work. ~William & Renee

Moth to A Flame Quote

gentle whisperWilliam, I wanted to let you know how much we are appreciating the craftsmanship and beauty of this special piece! It could not be a more perfect fit for our interior design and overall theme of our home. We have received numerous compliments from some of the most discerning eyes!
Wishing you a joyful holiday season!
All the best, Michael

Venetian Blue Creme

Hi William,
Wanted to let you know the lamps arrived safely. They are more beautiful than can be imagined from a photo.
Thank you,

Bungalow Craftsman

The lamp is everything we had expected. Thanks for still doing the hand craftsmanship that clearly is apparent. Shawn just is in awe.
Thanks, Carla

Hwy One Lamp

We received the lamps the other day and they are beautiful, meeting my high expectations. All three parts, wood turnings, shades, and pottery were well executed.
Looking forward to enjoying these accent pieces in their new surroundings for years to come.
Thanks again, John

Unity Tree

Thank you so much for reaching out. I have been meaning to message you. They absolutely loved it!! My mom said it’s the first thing, now, that they turn on in the morning and the last thing in the the evening :)
I am attaching some photos. It is the perfect compliment to the Greene and Greene inspired furniture my dad builds!
Thank you so very much,
Warm regards, Katherine

Hello William,
The packages arrived in good shape on the 6th, and we unpacked them late in the day. The lamp was expertly packed and is truly beautiful. You made Mary very happy, and if she could give you a big hug right now she certainly would. I will be back in touch soon, as we have some questions about another purchase, but for now we are waiting patiently for dusk to turn the lamp back on!
Thank you,
Nick & Mary

... and I think you are a "world class lamp packer?
Such a joy to have your art in our living room.
Thanks again.

Mr Morris -- This lamp is unpacked, assembled, placed on my desk, and it is exquisite. Both design and craftsmanship. The light glows beautifully thru the shade. Thank you for offering such a product!

Hi William,
The lamps look great in our room. Thank you for all your hard work and attention to detail. Everything arrived safe and sound. Now our room is complete!
Best regards,
Judy and Mike

Dear William,
All packages have arrived safe and sound. We love them! And we think they are perfect for our room.
Thanks for everything, especially for your beautiful pieces of art!
Chuck and Estelle

We received our lamp Friday evening. Nothing less than stunning!!! Thank you so much. We are empty nesters and put our new lamp in youngest son's old bedroom. Included a picture of our other William Morris lamp. It's in our upstairs TV room. Again, thanks for your incredible work William.

Sincerest Regards,
Frank & Lori

Just letting you know that the lamps arrived safely today. Thank you so much for the obvious care you took in wrapping them.
They are absolutely spectacular. I love them. The quality, design and workmanship, in addition to the quality of materials far surpasses even what I was hoping for.
It was also so nice chatting with you throughout the process. I?ve always had such a nice time when visiting the states. Always a great experience.
Thank you so much once again and if you ever need a recommendation just pass on my email address. I have nothing but positive things to say.

Warmest of regards

Just wanted you to know that my wife LOVED the lamp. I really appreciate your attention and extra effort in making our anniversary so special. I wish you great success in the years to come.

Lamps arrived and we love them. All survived the trip well except for one light bulb. So, thanks for the extra one. We?re already discussing another one, but have to size up the location where it will go. It?s a narrower bookcase.

Dear William,
We received our Anniversary Rose lamp about 2 weeks ago now and I can't believe it took me this long to email you (life got in the way) we absolutely love it! Now I know you are going to laugh at me when I tell you this but I actually got teary-eyed when I saw it for the first time. It was just so wonderful to see something so lovely that several people had a hand in creating. I'll send you a picture of it in our dining room soon.


Hi Mr. Morris,
I've been meaning to email you, we've really been enjoying our lamps! When we were putting them together, my husband Patrick said, "These are the most beautiful lamps I've ever seen." We appreciate all the details including matching heights, bases, and shade dimensions so the lamps look like a pair for our bedside tables.
Thank you,

William - The lamp - the work of art - arrived today and I'm awed. Unfortunately, Carolyn is in Texas for two weeks, but I know she'll be delighted. We'll send you a photo as soon as we are finished remodeling the room where the light can be put to proper use. Thank you for your crafting and care - and, I'm sure, love - instilled in this work which you've shared with us.
Health and happiness, Gary

We received our lamp last week...I just wanted to drop you a note and tell you how pleased with is a treasure...
Joe and Linda

The lamps and shades arrived intact today. My husband was very impressed on how well the items were packaged. They are beautiful! And it was very thoughtful of you to include light bulbs. We love how they look with our Stickley furniture. Thank you again!

Hope you don't mind a brief note. As I have lived more with Celtic Oak in my home, I see that it is a work of great substance. All the way down to the most precise details, everything is crafted so beautifully. The lamp base is actually of greater girth than what appears in the photograph on your web site, and it is perfect. I did not mention this, but an area rug will be delivered next week. It is made in the arts and crafts style, and there are oak leaves around the border. That rug will be placed on the floor next to the Stickley table upon which Celtic Oak sits. The entire room will be "pulled together" by the lamp and rug.

Thanks so much for sharing your great talents with the rest of us.


William, I FINALLY have it right in front of me.
Never in my life have I owned something quite so beautiful - SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!!!!!!
I absolutely LOVE every inch of it.

One funny thing. I have used Satco bulbs for many years. People used to say, Carolyn, just buy a cheaper bulb, it doesn't matter. My tech guy even thinks Satco bulbs are the best ---------and here my lamp shows up with Satco bulbs. I love it.
I know I paid for the lamp but there is no way I can express all the delight I feel when I just look at it.
Talk about money well spent. My daddy taught me years ago that you get what you pay for and he was certainly right.

Thank you again, William,

The lamp arrived in perfect condition. It?s beauty is beyond our expectations .Thank you so much for this true work of art. It is sitting atop my grandmother?s very old drop leaf end table. Have enclosed two photos.

Thank you again;
Fran & Jim

The lamp just arrived safe and sound.
It is extraordinarily beautiful. I cannot stop looking at it. It is Perfection!
I will send photos so you can see how it fits with our table and rocker.
You helped me get the height and every other detail 'just right'.

Many Thanks,

Good Afternoon..just wanted you to know that the two Briggs Lamps with the tall shades are beautiful, my client is thrilled.
Thank You again for offering such a superior product! Jack, ASID

Hi William,
We unpackaged the lamp this evening. It's so lovely. The artistry of the woodwork, shade, and pottery are amazing. Thank you so much!

With gratitude and best wishes,

Hi William,
The lamp arrived over the weekend and is stunningly beautiful! The size and dimensions of the shade are perfect. Thank you for working so hard with me to get them right. The base is a wonderful color and the leaves and acorns are a wonderful point of interest. I love the way that the leaves in the shade don't show up until the lamp is on.

Thank you so much. I was skeptical to buy something homemade over the internet at the price I paid, but it was worth it.

Thank you so much! Marilyn

With two of the three lamps (works of art) illuminated in my home this morning, I was reminded of you. May your holidays be joyful, and best wishes to you and yours in the New Year. Thanks again for making the interior of my home so much richer, beautiful, and warm.
Cordially, Phil

Well...what can I have out done yourself again. What a beautiful lamp! Irene immediately fell in love with it. Great job to the both of you. The pottery....awesome! The shade and the beautiful wood....incredible! Again, as I have said before, there are truly not enough words William. Not enough. Irene and I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday season. I know you have made it that way for us Santa.
Did I tell you we're building a special William Morris wing onto the house.

Just a short note of thanks and appreciation for your beautiful work. The design far exceeded my expectations and has found its new home.


Celtic Oak arrived today, and I wanted you to see where I have placed it. I did away with overhead light some years ago, in preference for well-placed lamps throughout my residence. Here Celtic Oak lights the Stickley dining room table and is accompanied by a pot crafted by an artist from Jemez Pueblo here in New Mexico. The picture of course does not do ample justice to the beautiful presence and warm glow of your functional artwork. To quote William Morris: it's a beautiful design. Will enjoy for many years.

All the best, Phil

To use a baseball phrase...YOU HIT THAT BABY OUTTA OF THE BALLPARK!!!!!!
Totally awesome William. It looks incredible in the living room.
There are not enough words to even express our thanks for a fantastic job!!!!

William and Renee,
Coincidentally, the original William Morris is one of my favorite artists. I own several rugs and scarves that are based on his textile designs and I truly love them. I was interested to learn that you share a name with one of the most amazing artists ever. Looking at your designs, I feel there is quite a clear aesthetic lineage, if not a genetic one. Your designs are, well, sublime. I mean it. What you & Renee create really aren't "lamps" at all, properly considered, but works of art from which light emanates...


I wanted to live with Med Blue Briggs a while before sending you a note. Like the other two designs, it's absolutely beautiful. It sits atop a Stickley Somno cabinet which I purchased with Med Blue in mind. Finishes off my den (and favorite room) perfectly. Thanks again for all you do with these works of art. You have brought a lot of joy into this world through your labors of love.

All the best,


What follows is a note from an artisan and friend that we work with. He so eloquently describes the dance of creation:

I live by one single thought when I am doing my art, my craft. If you never fail you never learn. If you always succeed, you are never growing. I expect myself to learn from both, but never from only one.
I learned more from this failure than I will from the next success.
That is being open, to change and if one always succeeds, the human mind will start to close, stay safe.
Art is about all but being safe. It is about exploration and growth. The pushing of the limits. It is by it's very nature a risky endeavor.
The success is the reward of persevering through many failures.


Venetian Green arrived intact, thanks to your careful packing. The lamp sits on a Stickley console table in my living room, just beneath a beautiful black and white photograph. The form of the pottery is exquisite! And the paint/glaze is so creative and original. When the lamp is illuminated at night, the base of the lamp of course becomes darker and provides a "platform" for the absolutely gorgeous shade with the gingko leaves. If your wife is the one who crafts the lamp shades, please give her my regards. The sublime luminosity of that lamp at night transports me to another place that is too beautiful to describe. It's a feeling that is beyond words. Thanks so much to both of you for what you do.

Best regards, Phil

The lamp looks great. Kathleen absolutely loves it and now just needs to find it a permanent position. That could take several weeks trying here, then there, etc. but she has a great eye and is thrilled with the prospect!

Perfection! Absolutely Beautiful! We were very pleased with the lamp and how carefully it was packaged for delivery. Thank you for the extra effort to make this lamp special.

Our very best regards, James and Donna

Hi William
I can't thank you enough for our gorgeous lamps! They go perfectly with the Stickley furniture and painting from California. We are sure to enjoy them for our lifetime.

Thank you for working with me to get the perfect size and special vase.

Photos attached.

We will be certain to contact you for future projects and recommend you as well.

Happy New Year!


Dear William,
Your beautiful design was all I had hoped it would be as a gift for my husband. He was amazed and dazzled and more pleased than I can describe. The quality of light in the room is lovely, and we are both enjoying having it in our home.

Again, many thanks.

Happy New Year,

Your lamp was opened Christmas day as a surprise gift for my partner, and it is as exquisite as i expected it would be... What a stunning addition to our rebuilt home after a house fire 2 years ago caused us to lose everything...

Happy new year!

Thank you for your holiday greetings. I just want you to know how much I love my lamp. It gives me pleasure every day and I always get compliments on it.
Happy holidays to you as well.
All best,

Hi William,

We just received the lamps today and they are beautiful! With the warm glow that they give off, the lamps look even better than we had remembered. The style, color and shades go perfect in our bedroom. We will be enjoying them for many years to come.

It has been a pleasure knowing and working with you. Thank you for all of your help and support in the decision making. We couldn't be more pleased with the results.

Want to wish you a happy holiday season and wonderful new year,

Jim and Becky


Thank-you, so much for the stunning pair of lamps. They arrived safe and sound and look amazing in my home. I so appreciate your willingness to work my leaves in the design and for your patience and input throughout the process. I am looking for more space in my home for another piece!


Note: Tyler and I communicated for over a year on this project. He wanted to use Mountain Ash leaves in the shade. I instructed him on how to press the leaves and when to harvest them. This is part of that dialogue:

" Dad and I planted that Mountain Ash tree when I was in Kindergarten (29 years ago) and it was just a twig. So, the tree means a lot and I will always have something of it to remember that time by." Tyler

Greetings William,

Wanted to let you know we received the lamp today & we just LOVE IT. It was the perfect lamp for the Stickley table! I will be looking for a reason to get another one soon for my office. Thanks again!! Sue

Hi William,

Your beautiful lamp is right at home next to my interpretation of the Morris chair and Sam Maloofs' low back. We are very pleased with our selection. Thanks for our beautiful, functional art.

Gary and Evelyn


Patty and I just finished unpacking our new lamp. It arrived safely this afternoon as promised and we both are very impressed with the glass, shade, wood trim and fittings--it is as nice as we expected. We thought it would look best on a drop front cherry desk I made a few years ago but right now it is on a lower table that occupies a more central focus of the room--a fitting spot for a most impressive lamp. Thanks again for your great service, communication and outstanding product. It has truly been a pleasure working with you. Merry Christmas to you and Renee.

Best regards,
Charlie and Patty

William, we received the new lamp earlier this week - very carefully packaged, thank you. Just wanted to tell you how beautiful it is! Very high quality and fabulous style.

Thank you. Larry + Meredith

Could you please send your current price list. I am especially interested in the Celtic Knot. I purchased from you several years ago and love my lamp more and more every day. It is a work of art.

Thank you,

Hi William:

I called UPS and made arrangements for my husband to pick up the boxes...which is a good thing, because it just keeps snowing here!

Anyhow, he picked it up today and I can hardly stop looking at it!! I will have to send you a picture of where it is displayed in our home. It is beautiful and exactly what I hoped for. I have to repeat, it is absolutely beautiful and you did an amazing job. Thank you so very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it, I love it, I love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I received my lamp today and it is beautiful. Thank you. It really looks great with the other one.
Thanks again.


Hi William, The lamps arrived today, and they are BEAUTIFUL! We put them in our bedroom right away. I will send photos! thank you!

Richard & Maggie

I absolutely love the lamp. It is beautiful. Thank you so much for your hard work.


I've been meaning to e-mail you, and let you know that I received the lamp promptly and safely, and it's absolutely gorgeous. Fits perfectly on my liquor cabinet.
Thanks again, and Happy Holidays!


Hi William
I received the Clapton lamp today and what a beautiful piece. I love it. Thanks. Can't wait to get the other lamp. Have a great holiday.


Hi William,
We received the lamp and shade yesterday. It is gorgeous! The focal point of our living room. I'll send you a photo in its new home sometime soon.
Thank you and Merry Christmas!

William... I received my lamp today. I felt like Darin McGavin opening that leg lamp in the movie, "The Christmas Story." Only your lamp was a true work of art. It's simply stunning. Thank you!

The Lamp (Foothill Pines Design) just arrived and it's amazing.
It is the first time I have ever bought myself something so extravagant in my entire life!
Thank You so much for making this for me.
I will treasure it forever.
And you are so thoughtful to include the light bulbs for instant gratification.
I hope you will get more business after I show off my work of art.

Warmly, Loni

Dear William,

The beautiful lamp (Clapton Design) arrived yesterday as scheduled. It now graces our family room. It looks amazing with our William Morris Willowbough wallpaper.
Thank you! You are truly an artist.
Best regards,

We have received the new lamp and it is stunning! We are so very pleased with the design and look of the lamp.

Thanks for all of your help in designing the shade. We are thrilled. (Briggs Design)

Renee and William,

First of all, Linda and I are quite flattered to see that you have a new lamp - the ?Briggs?. What an awesome honor!! We simply adore our ?Briggs?. It is on a small table right next to our 1912 L&JG Stickley rocking chair. I've been reading a gift book of John Muir writings by its light. Perfectly appropriate.


I received the lamp today, actually I just got home and it was waiting for me. It's beautiful. My first impression is that it's larger and brighter than I thought. I love the shade, the vase, really everywhere I look I find something else to admire. The yellow flowers on the vase are a great detail. The reflections of the light really bring out the grain of the wood. I just keep looking at it and admiring the detail. You were right about Arts and Crafts design aesthetic & ?what's not to love??


Good morning William, I wanted to send you a brief note to let you know that I received my lamp in perfect condition. I felt like a kid on Christmas morning as I opened the boxes and I wasn't disappointed by what I found inside. The lamp is beautiful and the shade perfect for my home here in the north woods. Thank you - and I am sure that I will get inquiries next month during the home tour as to where I found such a unique lamp - hope that it results in additional business for you. Dave

Hello William

The second of the two lamps you made for us arrived and looks just as amazing as the first. Thanks so much!


Lovely, classic, timeless work. I've always wanted one of your lamps and now I'm in a position to get one! I'd like to purchase the Grovewood II pottery lamp, with the honey mica shade, with the maple leaf designs on it. Anxiously looking forward to your reply!

many thanks,

Hi William,
Received my lamp today. It's stunning, and looks perfect on my Stickley buffet. I will enjoy it!
Thanks ~ Barb

Dear William,

While it shouldn't be an excuse my hectic life got in the way of me formally thanking you for our beautiful lamp. The lamp is stunning, it greets us when we come in the front door and I'm certain it will become a treasured family heirloom. I wanted to let you know that a picture we took of the lamp has been chosen as a finalist for Ephraim Pottery's next calendar. If you or your friends are on Facebook you can go on and ?like? the Ephraim Pottery page and then ?like? the picture of the lamp which is in the fall album. We'd love to see one of your lamps featured in the calendar and if our picture is chosen we would receive a small gift certificate (who knows, it could go toward another lamp!) Thank you again for the lamp and hope all is well with you.

Kind regards,


Hi William,

The lamp is so incredibly beautiful!

I had to tell you how amazing it is (this email is a little late incoming,
with Super Bowl weekend and the Steelers victory), but I wanted you to
know how much I love the piece.

It was supposed to be my Christmas gift, but it did arrive on January 29 -
my 50th birthday, and it became a wonderful birthday present!

I have it in my home office which is done with Harvey Ellis pieces from
Stickley. It has a lovely home on a small inlayed table. I told my Jack
that as soon as the terrible weather breaks here in Pittsburgh, I planning
a family get together just so everyone can see my new lamp.

We have made a number of trips to both the Roycroft Inn and the Grove Park
Inn and have friends who love Mission and Arts & Crafts style and we will
certainly highly recommend you and your work to them.

Thanks again for the beautiful lamp.


William and Renee:

The lamps arrived yesterday and sat crated safely overnight for my opening
this evening when returning from work.

Thank you both for the level of craftsmanship and ease of ordering during
this process.

I especially appreciate the ability to customize the mica shade with
dragonfly accents.

I'll admit to having browsed your website often (even corresponding in 2005
and 2006 for updated pricing) before taking the plunge to spoil myself a bit.

The Pasadena style matches my Stickley and other Arts & Crafts pieces
beautifully and will showcase the collection in my new home.

Each have heirloom quality construction that will definitely spark interests
from my family and friends.

I'll look forward to updates on your website..wishes of good health and
happiness to you both.


The two boxes arrived safely Thursday. I now have in my
possession a fine piece of hand crafted art , which has exceeded my expectations, as I somehow knew it would. In my mind, it so embodies the creative inspirations given by the Arts and Crafts Movement. The thought to detail, proportion, materials, colors and textures all contribute equally to the sum total of itself. I was so impressed by the selection of pull chains, so representative of its origins. The lamp will be thoroughly admired and enjoyed, as I anticipate it will be complimented by those who see it. Congratulations and thank you

Dear William,
We love, love, love the lamps! This was the best purchase we have made in our thirty year marriage. We are thinking we might have to revise our will and include a clause about who gets the lamps.

With Appreciation,
Stefanie and Greg

I just had to write and tell you how much I love having my lamp. I had been eyeing this wonderful lamp from my car as I drove past this high quality furniture store, here in Traverse City, MI. This went on probably for about 6 months to a year, and I decided I needed to go in and investigate. I have had a heart towards the Arts and Crafts movement for years now. I think I've checked out all the Arts and Crafts books in our local library. I plan to build a small, bungalow style home in the next few years. I own the land, but am waiting on the Lord for the right time to build the house. In the meantime, I've been collecting pieces to go in my home.
I went in and fell in love with your lamp. I never thought I would own such a beautiful piece. It's just what I've seen in the Green and Green architectural books that I've read. So I asked the owner if I could pay over time, and I just finished the last payment last week and brought the lamp home. What a cozy glow it puts over my living room. I so appreciate the attention to detail, the rightness of the various dimensions, the joy it's beauty gives my soul.

Thank you again for blessing people's lives as you do.

I'm not sure if I told you how much I like the lamp, so thought it best to be redundant rather than not pass on my comments. The lamp is in a bedroom that is fully furnished in mission style Stickley furniture. It is a beautiful addition to the room. Some of the details on the lamp match up perfectly with some Motawi tiles. I'm very pleased with the purchase, the speed with which you shipped the lamp and the condition in which it arrived.

Thank you.


Hi guys - My lamp arrived in perfect shape and is a thing of such beauty (picture #4). Is it wrong to love an object so? Probably, but I will not apologize for the joy it gives me.

Thanks for sharing your talent with me.

Hello William,
We're enjoying our beautiful lamp. Thank you!?Thank you! Thank you!
The Best to you and yours,
Terry & Nancy

Wow! We are so thrilled with our lamps. They are more beautiful than we imagined. We are very particular about the pieces we select and were a little nervous about ordering without seeing your quality. They are lovely in every way
and a work of art that we will enjoy for a lifetime.

We will be placing another order soon.
Thank you!
Bob and Kim

We have been busy completing this project. However, I wanted to thank you for another fabulous lamp. It is another treasure.
Thank you

Hi, I check marked the lamps I think my wife would like. I am shopping for her upcoming 50th birthday this May. Although, I may have to spoil the surprise and let her pick one out so that it's the perfect gift. She looks at the lamps on your web site most nights as we listen to music right before bed time. She tells me that she will go to your web site without even thinking about it .... kind of like driving a car. We both admire the awesome beauty and craftsmanship of your lamps! Thank You, Bill

I have been in love with your lamps for years. Could you give me the prices for the ones listed above?
Life is too short to live without one forever. Thanks! Wendy


The lamp arrived today, and it is something to treasure.
I keep going back into the living room to have one more look at it.
There are three large oak trees growing in our yard, so the oak leaf shade is just right for this room, and the glow of the shade is perfect.
Thank you for getting it to us before Christmas.
Santa couldn't have topped this unless he brought two.

Best wishes for the New Year.

Hi William,
Sorry I haven't e-mailed you sooner but it's been a hectic week with the holidays and the kids home from school. I wanted to let you know that my wife and I love the lamp and that it goes great on our nightstand in our bedroom, the size seems to be just right and the colors go great. I was able to keep it a surprise for Christmas as everything went as planned. Thanks for the beautiful workmanship, our lamp will be something we admire and cherish for long long time. Take care and have a Healthy ad Happy New Year!

I arrived home last night to find my lamp had arrived!  It's so pretty - especially the shade!  It's the last thing I turned off last night, and the first thing I turned on this morning. It's been raining in Upstate NY for days, and this lamp lends such warmth to the room.Thank you.

Take care.

The lamp is absolutely beautiful-magnificent, wonderful, stellar. It looks fantastic on the Stickley nightstand in our bedroom. Thanks so much for your great work!!! This is my second lamp from you and hopefully there will be more.


Hi William,
I just wanted to let you know that we got home tonight and immediately put our new lamps on the tables. They are absolutely exquisite and perfect! We are so happy. The proportions are also perfect. Thank you so much for your artistry.

Thank you again so very much. There couldn't be more perfect lamps for us than the ones you created.

Greg & Mary Ann Lewis

The lamp arrived last Thursday, it is beautiful and we love it. Thank you and I hope to order a 2nd one in the near future.


Dear William,
I didn't mention to you when we spoke that the lamp is intended to be the focal point in the bedroom that my fiance and I are in the midst of redoing. It'll be the first room that we've designed together in the home we've shared for several years now. So the room and the lamp are very special to us.

Those oak leaves are going to be an ever-present reminder for me of two huge oaks that flanked either side of my grandmother's farmhouse, a place where I spent much time as I grew up. The trees are long gone. But a love of the woods, tall grasses growing in open fields, and the sound of water racing through a branch after a good hard rain I carry with me.

Thank you,

Dennis and I love the lamp! It is a very special addition to our home, William.


The lamp arrived today, safe and sound. It's just as beautiful as we anticipated. Thank you for creating such a wonderful addition to our new home.


Hi William,
I just got back from a trip, which is why I couldn't e-mail before. The shade is beautiful! And the size works perfectly. I have used it on an old Restoration Hardware base - the base style is early 20th century, and the shade looks great on it. Can't wait for my friends to see it! It's wonderful to have local leaves in the shade - feels rooted to this place.

Thanks again for your beautiful work, and also for your
conscientiousness in keeping me in the loop during each phase of production and delivery.


Just to let you know I received my lamp yesterday. What a lovely addition to my home! I commend you for the beautiful design and craftsmanship.

Thanks, Bill Anderson

Hi William,
We received the lamp today and it is beautiful. It is perfect!

Thank you so much!

Albeit later than any UPS delivery in the last 13 years at my house, the two packages from you were delivered yesterday shortly after 6:00 p.m., Monday, October 26 just as promised. Seems the normal UPS man was on vacation and his replacement was doing two routes that day.

I was on high anticipation all day.

Since I had to leave for my Revit class at a local community college, I carefully hid the packages in the garage attic prior to opening them.

So first this morning after my wife left for work, I carefully got the boxes down, opened them, then assembled the lamp.

The lamp and the shade are even more beautiful in ?person? than in your great pictures. I first assembled the lamp in the garage, then took it into the house to place on Dawn's desk.

Absolutely stunning!

I know Dawn will love the lamp when she opens it for Christmas. My thanks to you and Renee for your incredible artistry, craftsmanship, and professionalism.


Christmas morning my wife opened the two mystery presents under the tree, not having any idea of what they contained. Dawn opened the box with the mica shade first, and as soon as she saw it, she knew what was afoot.

Dawn loves the lamp, and wanted you and Renee to know it was the best Christmas present; besides the engagement ring I gave her one Christmas night years ago, she had ever received.

Thank you both for making our Christmas very special this year.

Later, David

William and Renee,
Thank You ... Thank You for another ?beautiful? lamp!
When my husband put it together (while I was upstairs) and turned it on, I was in ?awe? of its breathtaking beauty!
It's loveliness took over the space.
Thank you again for creating such a wonderful work of art for us.
Hope you have a wonderful Christmas surrounded by those you love. Merry Christmas,
Bob and Jane

The lamp arrived and is being used. It is wonderful and very beautiful. Thank you for the beautiful work. I hope in the future we may buy another.
The bulbs you sent we change for 13 watt florescent.They are working wonderful.The other bulbs grace our new lights on the kitchen island and look great there.
Happy Holidays, we will have may 10 - 14 inches of snow. So I must leave the light and head outside to shovel for a couple of hours tomorrow. Bah humbug.

John Brian Beilman

Hi William,
I love the lamp! Every detail is beautiful.
I'm restoring the room where it will go into a personal retreat, and haven't finished, so I was concerned about storing it until I'm ready. But the lamp is far too beautiful to miss enjoying every day, so I've made space in another room for it.

Thank you. It's a pleasure to behold.

Dear William,
Thank you, thank you, thank you! They are fabulous! The whole room now looks new and professionally decorated! The lamps are perfection! I'll try to send you a picture of the bedroom at some point. The lamps go so well with the bedroom furniture - as thou they were made for each other!


Dear Renee and William,
Thank you for your quick reply! I must tell you that your lamps are the most beautiful lamps I have ever seen. Ever. I know that each piece is a work of art, and therefore your pricing is justified. I will have to save my pennies but I am determined to acquire at least one. So have patience with me; you will hear from me again. Very soon I hope!


The lamps are gorgeous!? And they fit perfectly in the rooms for which I intended them.? The glass lamp came out just as I was hoping.

Thanks so much.

Absolutely beautiful!  Love it more than the first lamp, if that's possible. Many thanks!

I stumbled into your website tonight while searching for some Morris-designed hardware. I am not in a position to invest in one of your lamps at this time, but would dearly love to at some point in the future. These designs are exquisite. I thoroughly enjoyed watching as each beautiful design melded into a new one. Best wishes on your continuing success bringing the Morris style to these heirloom pieces of art. Your fan in Minnesota -- Wendy

Just a follow up mail to let you know that our new lamp arrived today in perfect condition. It is breathtakingly beautiful William. It has a new home in the corner of our Family Room on a wonderful Stickley table - it looked instantly at home there.
Thank you again for gracing our home with yet another beautiful lamp from your and your wife's workshop. Simply stunning.
Best regards and our sincere thanks again for your craftsmanship,


WOW! It is absolutely stunning! Even beyond our expectations. It will really look gorgeous in our new house. We'll send you a photo when we move in (April). Thank you SO much!!!


Hi William,
Just wanted you to know that the lamp arrived today safe and sound!  It's as beautiful as the pictures! Thanks again for adding such beauty to our home.

Pat and Louie

Dear William,
This note is much overdue but we wanted you to know how much we are enjoying our wonderful lamp. It arrived as scheduled, very well wrapped with no damage. It is truly a beautiful lamp the base is well made with wonderful arts and crafts pottery and the lamp shade is stunning. We are proud to display it in our house.

Thank you!
Chris and Kenny

The lamps arrived yesterday and I love them!! Thanks so much!!

Judy we absolutely LOVE the lamp ~ even more than we expected! Thank you so much for such a quality treat!


Just wanted to let you know that the lamps arrived today, and we are overjoyed at having decided to go with you. Your work is exemplary, and you are obviously a true craftsman with a very serious talent that certainly is appreciated by my wife and I. I would very quickly recommend you to friends who are looking for quality. I was elated taking the lamps out of the box, and now seeing them, can simply tell you, that the wait was well worth it.
Thank you.

Steve and I love our two lamps and the beauty they lend to our home. Every time my 4-year old grandson, Kurt, comes over to our house he runs his hands over the blown glass, which clearly fascinates him, as does the mica shade with its leaves and dragonfly! He is captivated by the lamps as are we! It was a real pleasure coming to your studio and working with you. I definitely see another lamp in our future..

I'm writing to let you know that the lamp and shade arrived safely. This evening after dinner, we unpacked the boxes, fastened the shade to the lamp and placed it in our master bedroom; it looks absolutely exquisite. You definitely will receive another order from us after the first of the new year.
Best wishes,

Hi William,
I just wanted to let you know the lamp arrived, intact, and just as beautiful as I imagined it would be. It looks AWESOME in the space I had for it, and the size is perfect (I'm glad we added an inch to the shade, it looks very balanced). It is all too rare that one's expectations are met so fully. I look forward to many years of coming home at the end of a stressful day and finding comfort in this example of perfection in a chaotic world. (DEFINITELY more than just a ?lamp?.

Thanks again for crafting such an heirloom. I hope that in the future, we can collaborate on another piece once our house addition is finished.
Sincerely, Patty

Hi William...
Just turned on the lamp...Wow!
Beauty is energizing and brings vitality to the spirit.
Thanks very much, and kudos to you and all who work with you.


My living room and dining room furniture is mission oak Stickley furniture (some early 1900s some new). All of my accent pieces are original turn of the century family pieces. I have been looking for period lamp reproductions for months.

Your lamps are the best I have found that would fit with my furniture period. There are a lot of them out there, but few of any quality.

Blessings! Beautiful and tempting new pieces. Sometimes at nite I sit on the back porch in the cool of the evening and look into the house at the lamp you made bathing the room in its warm golden glow and think how life is home and a house is a place to learn it.

They arrived and they are gorgeous. I had intended to leave them all safely packed in their boxes, but had to get them out and oh my, they are just exquisite and perfect and wonderful and every superlative I can think of. They will be the focal point of our bedroom, or the house for that matter.
Thanks so much.

Good morning,
I have viewed your website and your very beautiful designs bring comfort and joy to my soul. I would consider it an honor and privilege to own one of your creations for our Craftsman style home.
I look forward to hearing from you,

You made a beautiful lamp for us awhile back. The first thing I do when I come in from work is turn that thing on. It makes me feel civilized and serene. Our friends are drawn to it like .. well, like moths to a flame.


Perhaps the most beautiful offering of lamps I have witnessed.


I have seen your designs for a while now and finally I am moving into my own home. I believe that purchasing pieces like these are more than pretty lamps on a table to go with a theme. They are an investment in myself and the life I am choosing.

Thank you for making beautiful things.

Dear William:
Just wanted to let you know that the lamp arrived safely and it looks great! It is infrequent that something that has been so anticipated actually lives up to expectations, but that was certainly the case here - I am so happy with it. The colors are just right for the room and it looks great both with the bulbs on and off. Also, it is so solid that just the act of pulling the chain to turn on the light is itself a small pleasure.

Thanks again.

In the past six months, your lamp has basically become a shrine in our home. My wife loves to turn it on, hates to turn it off. Possibly the best gift ever. Thank you.


William - The lamp arrived today (Thursday) and is absolutely spectacular. We are both pleased and very impressed at the artistry involved in making such a beautiful piece. The mica is a perfect color for us, and the oak leaves are just like the leaves that come off the Black Oak tree outside our dining room window. We put the bulbs in right away, turned it on and don't think we ever want to turn it off! Thank you so very much.


Dear William,
I received the lamps yesterday and they are, in a word: stunning. I had high expectations but the actual pieces more than exceeded them. The lamps now reside in my living room where their warm glow, amazing color and detail, transform the room. Thank you so much and I look forward to acquiring more of your creations in the near future.


I just received the lamp. Wow! I'm overwhelmed! It is a beautiful work of art. It is everything I hoped for and more. Thank you so much for your attention to detail. The shade and base are perfectly balanced and the colors are beautiful. I can't wait for the next one!

Thanks again,

Dear William,
The lamp arrived safely. I thank you so very much. It's absolutely beautiful beyond what I had envisioned from the photograph. I know that Tom will be thrilled. The shade is incredible, also. Such a work of art !!!!!


Dear William,
I just returned home last night and the lamp had arrived. Clay and I couldn't wait to open it...and it is exquisite!!!!!! It arrived in perfect shape thanks to your great packing. I will take a picture soon and send to you but I wanted you and your wife to know that we love it and will enjoy it for many years to come.....thinking of your very unique talent.

Linda and Clay

I received my bamboo shade today and it's fantastic! I love it! It fits perfectly over my current lamp and the design is just beautiful. You and your wife do great work. Please let her know that...

Thanks so much. Have a good week!

Dear William,
The lamp arrived in perfect condition. It is truly beautiful. I so appreciate your superb craftsmanship and talent. I am sending two pictures of the lamp in my living room. I look forward to doing business with you in the future.


Dear William,
There is only one word to describe our newest piece of art and that word is EXQUISITE. It was soooo worth the wait for this beautiful addition to our home. I wish I could fill our house with your lamps! However, in the meantime, I will just proudly advertise your genius here in my dining room and give your web site information to everyone who asks!

Thank you for everything, Lou and I are truly delighted.

All the best to you and your family,

Dear William:
I just received the lamp safe and sound. It's GORGEOUS and truly a work of art. It will make an astounding statement in our home. Thank you so much.


I love the lamp!!! It's beautiful! Thank you very much. I will treasure it always as a piece of art.


Good Morning William,
The lamp looks great and we appreciate the level of craftsmanship involved. It is perfect in our ?Craftsman? influenced family room. Many have already commented on it. Thank you once again for your professional service. I have enjoyed the process with you.


Dear William,
We received our lamp late last week and just love it! We'll keep an eye on new things your studio will be producing, and hopefully find another occasion to order from you!

Our thanks
Chris and Nick

William and Renee,
Lamp arrived safe and sound Monday. It is a truly beautiful work of art. Thank you both so much.

Bill and Randee

Dear William,
The lamp arrived yesterday safe and sound. It is even more beautiful than I had imagined from the photographs....Thank you (and Renee) again for creating such a beautiful thing to see and use and live with.

Best wishes,
Frank Glass

I just wanted to say how much I love my lamps. I have had them over a year now and every time I go into my bedroom I am overwhelmed by how perfect they are. Looking at them also reminds me of what a pleasure it was to work with you.


Hello William
It was nice speaking with you and thanks for the price list. I hope we can do some business once I have my space secured. (end of July maybe)

I think that your lamps are truly beautiful and I am happy to see such high quality materials and craftsmanship come together so nicely.... I think that it is great that you chose to create a functional piece of artistic expression. Your pieces have a handcrafted signature that is so lacking today in a world drowning in mass produced crap.

I hope to be in contact soon

Hello Mr. Morris--
My husband and I received the lamp you finished and sent to us in Kalamazoo; it's just "beautiful", we LOVE it. And I do think that patina on the brass bits was just what we were after-- it already looks like it has a little age to it, which is wonderful. The brass pieces are a wonderful quality too, they have a nice, hefty 'hand' to them which makes it a pleasure to turn on and off. Where we have it placed, the color is 'bluer' than I'd imagined because it's backlit during the day; our room is more tones of green, taupe, and bronze. But there is some light blue in the carpet which this picks up, and during the evening hours, the color changes to reflect the outside casting, which is a lovely iridescent olive green--- just perfect. We both like it as a little contrast.

Thank you to for your careful and excellent packaging-- everything arrived in good form and was easy to pull apart; I especially appreciated your inclusion of fresh bulbs to put in right away. We're so impressed with your artistry; when others admire the lamp, we'll be sure to send them to your web site. Please thank the glassblower for his beautiful work, and your wife, who did such a careful job on the shade---- it's exactly the balance, between the seeded branches and the leaves, that we were looking for.

Many thanks, and wishing you continued success in your artistic venture--
John and Elaine

We have been gone for two weeks, traveling in Yellowstone, and just returned last night - the lamps arrived in excellent condition. They are absolutely beautiful.

Thank you for your wonderful craftsmanship.

Hello William:
The lamp is fantastic and goes so well with the Stickely furniture. My husband loves it.

Thanks for checking in.
M. Carlson

Dear William,
The shade arrived today. To say it is a work of art would be an understatement. It is magic! Thanks so much for your craftsmanship and willingness to do this for me. I will send you a photo when the whole thing is assembled. I will also sing your praises to my fellow collectors. ?A thing of beauty is a joy forever.?

Kindest Regards,