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About The William Morris Lamp

Master in The Art of Living

The William Morris Studio specializes in custom-designed artisan lamps with natural mica shades handcrafted by award-winning artists William and Renee Morris. William Morris lamps have received the prestigious Niche Award twice, in 1996 and 1997, from the internationally-respected Rosen Group of Philadelphia, Pa.

Each William Morris lamp is its own work of art – radiating stylew, superior quality of material and workmanship, and individual attention to detail. The result is a lamp of beauty and spirit to treasure for years to come.

Custom-Designed Artisan Lamps

A true collaboration of artistic synergy creating a unique offering of blended mediums where the sum is truly greater than the part.

  • You can choose from our growing series of lamps with hand-thrown pottery or hand-blown glass, they're specially designed by recognized Arts and Crafts artisans.

  • Mahogany used in our designs is from a sustainable forest.

  • Only the finest oxidized solid brass hardware is used. Lamps are constructed with polished and lacquered brass two-light clusters or solid brass turnkey sockets.

  • Lamps may be custom-ordered to reflect customer preferences.

  • Customers may choose from our collections of table lamps, desk lamps, and bungalow lamps.

Custom-Designed Mica Shades

Mica is a thin layer of natural minerals, hydrous silicates of aluminum, known for its translucent, sparkling beauty and various shadings. Mined worldwide, its color is determined by its iron content. Mica ranges from pinks and greens to blacks and browns. It also is resistant to heat, and has both artistic and industrial uses.

  • At The William Morris Studio, we craft mica into custom-created lampshades accented with natural leaves, including Japanese maple, ginkgo, pepper tree, oak, eucalyptus and bamboo.

  • We use only a special grade of mica, chosen for its clarity of color and pattern.

  • We hand-collect and dry only the finest leaf specimens, seeking beauty of form and color.

  • Lampshades may be custom-ordered to highlight the foliage of a particular region.

  • Shades may be interchanged among designs to accommodate personal tastes.

  • Shades are hand-trimmed with belting, soutache and custom cording.

Pricing, Shipping and Special Orders

Each lamp is shipped fully insured via UPS. The lamps are double boxed to insure their safe arrival.

Most William Morris lamps range in price from $875 to $1,200. For current quotes, please e-mail:

Special Orders are welcome. We will work with you to ensure that your vision is realized.