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Stickley Quote

Award-winning lamp designers Renee and William Morris craft each lamp by hand in their Benicia, California, studio. Partnering with other artisans, William creates these compositions using glass and pottery vessels, while Renee crafts lampshades from translucent mica (a mined mineral) and parchment. Both artists are influenced by the natural elements of their native San Francisco Bay Area.

niche award

The Niche Award

Although created on the West Coast, William Morris lamps are displayed in galleries throughout the United States. William?s lamps debuted at the American Craft Council Show in Baltimore, Md., in 1994. The Rosen Group presented him with the prestigious Niche Award twice, in 1996 and 1997.

Natural woods, natural creations

William worked 17 years as a job shop machinist before creating custom furniture as a licensed cabinetmaker. Highly experienced in woodworking, William began sketching, shaping and constructing lamps in 1994.

Gentle shadings and color of mined mica

From William?s designs, Renee takes metal frames and shapes shimmering mica to fit each lampshade. She accents shades with creative, hand-cut designs and dried leaves, each hand-collected and carefully selected for beauty and form. Many leaves, including Japanese maple, ginkgo and redwood, are found on the grounds of The William Morris Studio. "I place the leaves however I feel at the moment, keeping the creativity new and exciting" Renee say", "The designs are always evolving."

Family synergy

William and Renee believe in creating projects together to strengthen both their work and their family. Married in 1979, the couple has five children. Family members add their own expressions to certain projects through sanding, polishing and oxidizing. William and Renee take active roles in the lives of their children and community. In his spare time, William umpires for the young men's hometown baseball games. He and Renee bring the same energy and creativity to their personal lives as they do their art.

William explains his artistic motivation this way: "As I grow as a person and a craftsman, I find myself asking, Does this path have heart" Am I becoming more of a husband, father, friend? These questions fuel my determination for growth so I may accept more of who I am."

It is this quest for excellence that appears in every William Morris creation.