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Artisan Lamps and Mica Lamp Shades

Award-winning lamp designers Renee and William Morris craft each lamp by hand in their California studio. The studio partners with other Artisans, including Ephraim Pottery, to create arts and crafts and mission style lamps with mica lamp shades. Arts and Crafts lighting is the perfect complement to Mission Style, Arts and Crafts, and Stickley Furniture.

William was just featured in the Fall 2016 issue of Arts and Crafts Magazine - read the article.

New Testimonial: William - "The lamp - the work of art - arrived today and I'm awed. Unfortunately, Carolyn is in Texas for two weeks, but I know she'll be delighted. We'll send you a photo as soon as we are finished remodeling the room where the light can be put to proper use. Thank you for your crafting and care - and, I'm sure, love - instilled in this work which you've shared with us." Health and happiness, Gary

Green and Green - New Designs Portfolio

We are now featuring "Green and Green" - Arts and Crafts Pottery design with a mica lamp shade adorned with ginkgo leaves. Mahogany and solid brass accents complete the design.

"GREEN AND GREEN" - New Designs Portfolio
  • "GREEN AND GREEN" - New Designs Portfolio
  • "CLAPTON OG" - New Designs Portfolio
  • "BRIGGS" - Signature Portfolio
  • "CRAFTSMAN GINKGO" - Signature Portfolio
  • "CRAFTSMAN GINKGO" - New Designs Portfolio
  • "BRIGGS" - Signature Portfolio
  • "MISSION OAK" - New Designs Portfolio
  • "AURORA" - Signature Portfolio
  • "VENETIAN GREEN" - Signature Portfolio
  • "MISSION HOLLYHOCK" - Signature Portfolio